Sober and ready to adventure beyond your wildest dreams?

hello! We lead co-ed and women-only travel adventures for the sober community,

Taking in the best of the great out-of-doors in the United States and abroad. We focus on exotic and tropical locations as well as must-see destinations in charming cities, the mountains, forests and river valleys.

We are booze-free, which means there is no drinking or drug use allowed on our trips, leaving us free to enjoy nature and each other’s company.

For those seeking better and more meaningful interactions with the sober community, 

We want to build and grow those connections—with more people, in more places, having more fun and new experiences.

In fact, we want you to be having as much fun in sobriety as possible! We all know it’s hard work to stay off alcohol and other substances. And although, sobriety is its own reward, but there’s a lot to be said for the “new happiness” that so many of us hear about.

Join your tribe for truly memorable trips!

Sober Outside is so much more than a group of teetotalers traveling together!

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To us, “new happiness” includes new experiences, with travel first among them.

Travel is such an inspiring, life-affirming way to bring new energy into your life. Why not try a trip that lets you take on a new challenge, such as scuba diving, white-water rafting or kayaking, backpacking or snorkeling?

Challenging yourself to something new and thrilling not only gives you a new kind of high with that rush of endorphins—it also teaches you a lot about yourself, showing you that you’re capable of far more than you may have realized.

Happy Vacationers


Mexico was amazing! We swam with shark whales off the coast ... never would have thought about planning that trip if Brooke hadn’t suggested it. Brooke had all the details ready and tailored the trip to fit the collective needs of the group. The timing for activities was great and we never felt rushed. Can’t wait to join another outside adventure with Brooke!

Stacey K.

Brooklyn, NY


Brooke is one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met. She has a very special kind of magnetism, and a compassionate spirit that brightens any room. Through Sober Outside, she has created a uniquely authentic, sacred, and accepting space for others. Her passion for life, enduring wanderlust, and innate curiosity about people and places isn’t just an aspect of her travel writing—this is her true essence. I could not think of a more qualified leader. 

Michael M.

Winter Park, FL


I can absolutely recommend Sober Outside to anyone looking for unique experiences and good times. You can tell Brooke knows what she’s doing because everything she plans is easy and fun! Her trips feel like you’re on a spontaneous adventure with your goofy best friends—without the hassle. I promise you will be living life to the fullest on these trips!

Allison R.

Orlando, FL


I really appreciate how organized the trip was, and how professional Brooke is about planning. Plus, she brings an enthusiasm for adventure that is simply infectious, and that really helps people like me get curious about trying new things. You can’t help but smile when you’re around her. With Brooke’s warmth and relatability, combined with her knowledge and expertise of traveling, I had such a great time!

Lee D.

Boulder, CO


Traveling with Brooke was a breeze and well coordinated! I’m glad she did the research for us, choosing outfitters that care about the environment and are also committed to adventure! Not only did we swim with whale sharks as planned, but we also went swimming with manta rays and dolphins. It was unforgettable!! Throughout the experience Brooke was super supportive, knowledgeable and flexible.

Blanca E.

Brooklyn, NY


With years of travel experience, an optimistic attitude towards adventure and the ability to share in the joy of others, Brooke makes even reluctant travelers (like me) comfortable. On a trip to Miami, Brooke made space for downtime and unscheduled side trips, allowing us to enjoy so much more than was on the schedule.

Suzy S.

Winter Park, FL


I have known Brooke for the past five years and I am thrilled to be able to call her my friend. She’s got this great big smile on her face as she brightens up any room she walks into. I have seen her travel the world without blinking an eye. Brooke has traveled to Antarctica, Indonesia and Argentina alone. I could never do that! Since she’s travelled to all seven continents, I feel confident that she would be able to lead any group anywhere. 

Liz W.

Orlando, FL

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