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Top 10 Things to do Sober in an Airport

Top 10 Things to do Sober in an Airport

When I was still drinking, I bought into the lie that alcohol and bars were glamorous. I believed they were...

How to Enjoy the Holidays Sober

How do you handle holiday expectations? 

Since I've been sober, I've struggled with holidays. I accept and welcome that they...

How to Travel Sober

Nervous at the thought of traveling sober? With a few smart moves, we can travel anywhere—and stay sober. We think...

Why Scuba Diving and Snorkeling are the Best Meditation Practices

The first time I swam with a humpback whale, I cried.   

Minutes earlier, I’d been on a snorkel tour...

My Top 5 Most Challenging Moments Traveling Sober (And Without a Sober Squad)

Traveling sober hasn’t always been so easy for me! Here are some of the rougher moments I navigated while staying...

Why Nature Holds the Power of Epiphany 

Ask anyone who has spent more than a week rafting the Grand Canyon and they will tell you the experience...

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