Top 10 Things to do Sober in an Airport

When I was still drinking, I bought into the lie that alcohol and bars were glamorous. I believed they were full of adventure and mystery, places where anything could happen. There was no space that I bought into this lie more than at airports. I used to love arriving early, settling in the bar and…

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How to Enjoy the Holidays Sober

sober July 4, sober holidays

How do you handle holiday expectations? 

Since I’ve been sober, I’ve struggled with holidays. I accept and welcome that they won’t look how they did when I was drinking. BUT, I still want each and every holiday to be memorable. Special. And because most organized holiday events tend to include booze, we have to get…

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How to Travel Sober

sobriety vacation land tours

Nervous at the thought of traveling sober? With a few smart moves, we can travel anywhere—and stay sober. We think of what travel used to be like—the booze cruises, the wine-filled happy hours at sunset and the late, late nights, and we wonder how we’ll manage. Sure, the thought of traveling like that does still…

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Why Scuba Diving and Snorkeling are the Best Meditation Practices

meditating ocean mantas snorkeling scuba diving

The first time I swam with a humpback whale, I cried.   

Minutes earlier, I’d been on a snorkel tour boat that left from Grand Turk, one of the Turks and Caicos Islands. A group of us, along with our tour guides, had been scanning the horizon for whale spouts, the clouds of air and…

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Why Nature Holds the Power of Epiphany 

sober travel outdoors life-changing

Ask anyone who has spent more than a week rafting the Grand Canyon and they will tell you the experience will change your life. It’s hard not to perk up when someone says this, right??!   The first person who shared this secret with me was the guy who taught the whitewater-rafting course I took…

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